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Dementia: Excellent Support

I could not have asked for more appropriate support than I received yesterday.  When Gail, our carer, arrived she was so shocked by Maureen’s presentation that she advised me to get her ‘checked out’.  She hadn’t seen Maureen for a … Continue reading

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Dementia: Respecting Maureen’s Reality

The phone lines were hot yesterday as I kept in touch with professional staff providing ongoing support.   I eventually decided not to seek additional ‘Boots On The Ground’ as Maureen’s focus was changing as the day progressed.  It was helpful that … Continue reading

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Dementia: Caregiver’s 10 Commandments

When you are as tired it is helpful to see a reminder of the basics of being a Care Partner.  I am very grateful to Daz Smith for sharing this on LinkedIn:  

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Dementia: Seeking Boots On The Ground

Yesterday I received excellent support  from Social Services, Admiral Nursing and the Home Treatment Team.  Today I will be taking up the offer of the HTT to put ‘boots on the ground’.  When lines open I will be asking them … Continue reading

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Dementia: ‘You’re Doing A Great Job’

I get a little tired of people telling me ‘I’m doing a great job’ as a Maureen’s Care Partner. The following post from the Alzheimers’ Reading Room points out that words are cheap: ‘It is not unusual for caregivers to tell … Continue reading

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Dementia: Looking Back: Looking Ahead (Week 24)

Carers Assessment Needed Maureen’s presentation continues to become increasingly challenging. She is now very distressed if I am out of sight; often believing that she has been locked in the house and left alone.  On occasions she will forget where … Continue reading

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Dementia : Thank Goodness For Geoff Lynne

Geoff Lynne’s ELO just lifted me after a difficult start to the evening.  Seeing them at Glastonbury helped me to remember some good times in my life at a time when I needed an escape from the difficulties here. As … Continue reading

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Dementia: The Red Arrows Save The Day

I realised that any attempt to attend the Armed Services Weekend in Cleethorpes would be futile.  The resort was expected to be very busy with large crowds expected: the opposite of what you need when you have dementia.  Maureen had … Continue reading

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Telegraphing their lack of understanding

Originally posted on george rook:
So GPs have finally said there’s no point in a person knowing what’s wrong with them. Oh, yeah, I know you’ve got cancer but it’s a type we can’t cure, you’ll die in three months,…

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Dementia: Looking For Dodgy Dave

I have just found Maureen on an early morning walk a few streets away.  I have a sneaky feeling she was trying to set up a photo opportunity with Dodgy Dave.  The Prime Minister is due in Cleethorpes shortly as … Continue reading

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