Dementia: ‘Dharma For Dementia -The P C Approach To Memory Loss’


This morning I have rebranded my Blog this in response to the second task in  Learning The Fundamentals course that I’m now following: the rationale behind these changes are fully explained on that page.  I have also included a Gravatar with brief personal information and contact details.  It is likely that the format of my blog will be refined as the course progresses

It has been another night of interrupted sleep and I have been up very early this morning.  Maureen is not in good spirits questioning ‘why she has been wasting her life here’.  Fortunately, there is lots of good advice around on dealing with wanting to go home and I hope to follow the suggestions of experienced practitioners on this front.

I have taken to the white board in the kitchen this morning listing four approaches to moving us forward on this journey: tai chi, dancing, meditation and bowls.  The beauty of the first three is that we can easily include them in our daily routines without moving from our home.  They might even be our salvation from boredom with our nightly routine of falling asleep while watching the television.  Bowls means popping in to the local Village Hall: tonight’s the night if we want to catch up with some kindred spirits.

Dharma is an approach to ending suffering within the Buddhist tradition: it offers a methodology for happiness.  The ‘P C Approach to Memory Loss’ is my personal approach to happiness (dharma) as we continue on this hazardous journey.



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