Dementia: Time For Teepa (Snow)


Yesterday was very challenging with marked fluctuations in Maureen’s presentation; particularly her mood.  She slept for most of the morning and just about raised herself from the sofa before Charlotte our carer left.  Clarice her aunty visited in the afternoon and I left them too it for an hour or so.

We gave Clarice a lift home calling in for some bedding plants on the way.  Maureen became very hostile as Clarice and I gathered up our purchases and attempted to round Maureen up from wandering in the vicinity of the retail outlet.

Maureen declined Clarice’s invitation to have a cup of tea at her house.  She wanted to accompany me to the wood yard to collect further items for repairing the fence.  The prospect of more work on the fence led Maureen to show her frustration and remonstrate about me repairing our neighbour’s fence.  It took a lot of time and patience to persuade Maureen get back in the car for the homeward journey.

Once home Maureen put her arms around me and thanked me for repairing the fence.  After our evening meal Maureen became very sad about wanting to go home and missing her family.  She was very distant for the remainder of the evening but surprisingly ‘livened up’ when we went to bed.

I think it is Teepa time again for yours truly.  Her explanation of vascular dementia might just help me to understand a little more what might be going on here.   Teepa also has some tips on how to handle wanting to go home and I’m hoping that I can find a post by Amazing Susan  so I can revisit this issue tomorrow. 



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