Dementia: More Good Fortune

Maureen went downstairs at 4.30 am to make a cup of tea.  She returned shortly afterwards saying she had realised it was too early to get up.  I encouraged her to try to get back to sleep but she said she hadn’t got a bed.  Then she made it clear I wasn’t ‘her Paul’ so I retired to the spare bedroom.  It was cold in bed alone making it difficult to get back to sleep I decided to get up.

Once downstairs I decided to watch some Buddhist teaching on YouTube and my good fortune from the day before continued, as I stumbled across the following teaching:

Once again Dekyong gives a profound teaching on how to have a happy life that makes sense of the opportunity that I have to give loving kindness.  As many of my Buddhist friends have said Maureen’s dementia is an opportunity to give unconditional love the recipe for a happy life.

Yesterday had been a day of good fortune:  early on managed to find three LP’s for a pound at the Car Boot Sale.  Then walking in the sunshine in Cleethorpes mid-morning we had a wonderful experience.  We made our way to Kew Road where Maureen lived as a child where we bumped into four elderly residents who were transforming the back ally.  They invited us to see the floral tributes they were creating for the Queen’s birthday and Armed Forces Day.  Maureen loved chatting to them and talking of her days living in their neighbourhood.

The real good ‘Fortune’ continued in the afternoon when a diverted shot from Marc -Antione was diverted into the net after four minutes and set Coventry City on their way to a 3-1 victory over Sheffield United.  I hope no-one tells the rest of Sky Blue followers that their losing run coincided with my £1 wager that they would win the League!

It looks like another sunny day here in Cleethorpes.  I have no idea how we will spend the day but I will count my blessings accepting that if I take this opportunity to continue to show loving kindness we will continue to have a happy life together.

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