Dementia: Victoria Wood BringsThe House Down

We had a magical evening last night singing along with Maureen’s Aunty Clarice for a couple of hours.  I knew I had the evening sewn up when I found a Platters LP in a second- hand shop earlier in the day.  The cheeky owner tried to prize a couple of quid out of me for this gem but I held out for half of that.  After an hour of the Platters we moved onto the Sound Of Music and Les Girls were in fine voice: I have posted a couple of last night’s favourites on my Good Music page.

We moved into our lounge for the final part of the evening as I wanted Clarice to see this gem on YouTube from Victoria Wood:

Victoria brought the house down with this exceptional performance.  She was such a talented artist and a sad loss to all fun loving folk.  We are still watching ‘Dinner Ladies’ on most evenings.

The Musical Evening kept Maureen off the sofa and we retired to bed together around 10.30.  Maureen still woke in the night wandering downstairs at 3am and getting lost. When I managed to get her back in bed she asked if it would be ‘ok if she stayed there until her husband came to pick her up’.

Yvonne the Occupational Therapist from the Home Treatment Team is coming at noon to assess Maureen’s road safety awareness.  I  hope she will also consider if there is anything else we can do to keep Maureen safe around the house.  I kept an eye on Maureen making a cup of tea this morning and she seemed to cope without raising any serious concerns.

Les Girls had a lovely evening together and I’ve now been charged with finding a gem by Johnny Ray as they’ve both seen him live.  The warmer weather should bring out the Car Booters so I’ll be off hunting over the next few days.  I have a funny feeling that I can add a bit of dancing to our next shindig.  How great it would be if I can then move us back to dancing with some of our old friends.  I wonder how Brucie is these days.

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