Dementia: Very Interesting

I listened intently to Maureen last night when she woke up from resting on the sofa. She outlined how everything in our lounge was the same as she had at home but she didn’t live here.  I didn’t challenge her reality just sought occasional clarification on her reality.  The interesting thing is that she recalled this conversation early this morning and attempted to put it into perspective: the mind boggles!

I managed to minimise distress last night and get a reasonable amount of rest.  I went to bed at 10 and left Maureen fast asleep on the sofa.  When I awoke at 1 am she was sleeping soundly.  At 3 am I heard noises on the Baby Alarm and joined her downstairs.  With some gentle encouragement I managed to ease her upstairs into the marital bed and she has slept soundly since.

Sleeping on the sofa in the early evening has now become routine in Maureen’s behaviour.  I’m going to see if another musical evening might just keep her off the sofa this evening.  I have a sneaky feeling that when she is bored the simple option is to lie down on the sofa and ‘rest her eyes’.  The Baby Alarm means that she is relatively safe but what I would give for a night of uninterrupted sleep!


4 thoughts on “Dementia: Very Interesting

  1. “She outlined how everything in our lounge was the same as she had at home but she didn’t live here.”

    Yes, Mom used to do the same. And then she would look at me and say isn’t it strange how everything is exactly the same as it is at our house, but it isn’t our house?

    I have a taped conversation of it – surreal.

    You are doing such an amazing job. I’m blown away by the level of care you are providing. I hope you are keeping some kind of digital record in the form of videos and audio recordings.


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