Dementia: Not Pulling The Trigger

After the events of early this morning and Maureen’s general discontent with being ‘baby sat’ by carers I have cancelled tonight’s sit.  I fear that going out tonight might just be a red rag to a bull and give Maureen another opportunity to vent her frustration.  I’m hoping that an evening of TLC might be just what the doctor ordered and lead to a good night’s sleep for both of us.

Although I am missing my Buddhist meditation class tonight all is not lost.  I managed to spend a lovely hour this morning watching some amazing teaching by Dekyong the Spiritual Leader of the New Kadampa Tradition in the UK on YouTube.

 I know that Dekyong and others would see my decision as an act of kindness.   Leaving Maureen in the company of a carer tonight would potentially trigger further distress.

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