Dementia: Wrong Again?


Despite a thorough search I couldn’t find a bunch of my household keys yesterday . Therefore  I got up very early this morning determined to find them and realised that I also had misplaced a replacement set.  My first thought was that Maureen had stashed them away somewhere after being ‘locked in’ on Friday.

I searched high and low for about half an hour.  Then Maureen joined me and unearthed the replacement set under a cushion in our bedroom.  Just as I was about to give up I turned over a cushion in the dining room and found the missing keys.  I just wonder if you know who had put them there so she had an escape route if she found herself locked in again.  The strange thing is Maureen made only made a passing reference to her ordeal on Friday by suggesting that I wanted to ‘lock her in the garage in the dark’.  She hasn’t remarked on several keep sakes that are no longer on the dining room table: I doubt she will see their remains in the dustbin.

I can’t risk Maureen being needlessly scared out of her wits again by locking her in and being out of sight.  If I can’t prise her off the sofa I need to remain by her side or stay awake with the baby alarm close at hand.  It’s just too risky to let her go off wandering alone any longer as her road awareness is suspect.

I caught her as she slipped out of the back gate yesterday and gently ushered back into the warmth of the house.  Just to be on the safe side I will ask Occupational Therapy to do a capacity assessment on her road safety awareness to see if there is any way of her independence being preserved.

Now I wonder where that wife of mine has hidden that missing address book.

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