Dementia: Looking Good

Marelma is here again today and the signs are very positive.  I always stay around when we have a new carer, to carry out informal induction in the ‘Collins way’.  My hunch is that they will get on like a house on fire but I still need to update her on developments since her last visit.

I’ve just pulled the girls apart in the lounge but hear that Maureen has been drawn to Marelma like a magnet in the kitchen.  It’s all looking good and it seems as if we are back to strength with three carers on the scene.  Just to be on the safe side I will pop out shortly and leave them to it.

When I reflect I was made for my role as a Care Partner.  My professional work involved talent spotting: helping adults to realise their potential.  My academic background is in Continuing Education and the Management of Change.   So I meet the Person Specification for my role as a Care Partner.

My final paid employment as a Supply Teacher gave me experiences that equip me for working without resources and backup.  My previous professional role in adult education involved working with scarce resources; so I often had to beg, steal or borrow.  There is an old saying ‘adult educators never retire they just go white on top of the head’.   My only regret now is that dementia is calling the shot and we are both running for cover from a foe that never takes time off.

Now it’s getting even better following a phone from social sevices to confirm that extra support has been authorisesd.  All sits will become three hours and a Wednesday evening sit will mean that I will be able to return to Buddhist Meditation classes.  I have tailored back a visit to see family in Coventry in a weeks time as a day trip is pragmatic at this moment in time.

I think there is general reconition that a worn out carer is making matters more challenging for Maureen.  It is reassuring that the noises I have been making to my Admiral Nurse this morning have resulted in action.  Thanks Mel I owe you another one: that bar of chocolate is going to arrive one of these days.

Now I must see is someone can set up that GPS Tracker for me, so the ‘Happy Wanderer’can preserve her independence and I can have peace of mind.  I’m too tired to be sure I wont mess it up:  Tesco here I come.

 Change of plan: Tracker being sorted by Liz at local Lloyds Pharmacy as they are nearer than Tesco and it is one of their products.


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