Dementia: Maureen Was Missing: Paul Is Exhausted

Just as we were going to bed last night at 10 pm Adult Social Care rang to say that they understood ‘I wasn’t managing’.  They had received the police report of events of early evening when Maureen had gone missing.   The police eventually found her after an extensive search of the local area.  This was another narrow escape with me supporting ‘Maureen’s right to roam’.

The police were exceptional in the support they provided yesterday; from the time I reported Maureen missing until she was found.  It hasn’t taken them long to weigh up the situation here: I am not managing – the demands of Maureen’s presentation are exhausting and unsustainable.  That is why I took  drastic action, a week ago, of handing in my notice as Maureen’s Care Partner.

Maureen going missing wasn’t the only significant event yesterday.  The visit from a Support Worker from the Home Treatment Team spooked Maureen.  She felt it was part of the conspiracy to prove that she is mad and lock her away.  I suspect that Maureen was running away yesterday rather than being out for one of her usual walks.

I’m on my knees this morning after another night’s interrupted sleep with Maureen calling out at 4 am.  Our situation needs immediate attention – goodness knows what I would be like with another three weeks of this.

Yesterday I made an error of judgement in not accompanying Maureen on her walk.  I had just woken up after a short sleep and was simply too tired to go with her: when you are exhausted you make poor decisions!

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