Dementia: Superb Support

We received exceptional support from every quarter yesterday.  In our hour of need local services and family support was of the highest order.  There may also have been other forces on our side as we have both had a peaceful night’s rest.

I could write a book on the events of yesterday.  Blogs are not the place to share such personal detail:  they are the place to praise ‘Care in the Community’ at its’s best.  The powers that be in this area deserve praise for their arrangements to support families in their own homes.  Professional staff from many services provided excellent support throughout the day and evening yesterday.  When we are in calmer waters I will register out thanks for the support they provided.

I am also grateful for the ongoing support and advice we receive via this blog.   It is really helpful that people in a similar position to us are sharing their stories and expertise.  Unfortunately, there will not be time in our lives to visit you all in far flung places around the world but you never know.  I just want you to know that your messages of support make such a difference when the chips are down.  I’m sorry I will not be able to respond to your messages today as I need to focus on securing the home base.

We are not out of the woods just yet.  It is decision time this morning.  I agreed to ‘tough it out’ last night rather than involvement in late night procedures that would have led to Maureen being placed in an Assessment Centre.  My gut feeling is to wait another 24 hours until a Specialist Doctor will make a home visit to discuss the most appropriate way forward.  It always helps when you know and trust the person concerned

Thank you all for your support.   We would not be coping at this challenging time without your superb support.



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