Dementia: ‘Call It A Crisis Then’

There has been a fair amount of activity since handing in my notice this morning.

It would be unfair to detail this morning’s telephone exchanges with professional staff.

Just to make matters easier I have declared I’m in crisis trying to support Maureen’s current presentation.  My understanding is that this will make a referral to the Home Treatment Team more straightforward; as they are a crisis intervention team.  It is also a realistic assessment my ability to continue to provide adequate care and maintain my own wellbeing

It is not my intention to post any further detail on Maureen’s presentation.  If I haven’t outlined how difficult things are at the moment I never will.  What I intend to Blog about in the next few weeks is how things move forward as I attempt to develop a life of my own alongside being a Care Partner.

2 thoughts on “Dementia: ‘Call It A Crisis Then’

  1. Good luck Paul. I wish you well in your endeavours in finding a solution to all the issues that Dementia brings to loved ones. Take care – of yourself as well as Maureen. After all, who will look after you if you become ill? x


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