Dementia: Looking Back: Looking Ahead (Week 12)

I am only going to look back four hours to outline how Maureen is at the moment and the challenges that face me as her Care Partner.  She went downstairs at 2 am to make a drink and came back ten minutes later saying she was frightened because ‘the others weren’t there’.  She asked if I would make her a cup of tea as she ‘didn’t like being downstairs by herself’.

When we were sitting in bed drinking tea she asked me ‘if I knew how to help her get her memory back’.  She continued on with this theme for some time eventually deciding that improvements are taking place all the time.  After listening to her for some time, and making supportive comments I suggested we should try to get back to sleep.  I’m pretty sure Maureen drifted off shortly after my hand left the light switch.

My guess would be that Maureen will have forgotten her thoughts when she wakes a little later.  In fact she has just joined me as I type saying she ‘is looking for her mum’.  I’m not sure she knows who I am as I encourage her to rest a while longer before I bring her a cup of tea..  

I’m hoping the forthcoming involvement of the Home Treatment Team will make the next stage of our journey a little easier.  Friday’s scheduled meeting with my Admiral Nurse and G P will be an opportunity to make sure that Maureen’s referral is moving in the right direction.


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