Dementia: A Taste Of Honey


Yesterday I tasted it again, the sweet taste of honey: life that is lost with dementia the elephant in the room.  I got my first sample shortly after breakfast when Kevin popped in to catch up with us.  We were both careful and managed to create opportunities for wide ranging conversation.  I’m sure that we took things too far some of the time with Maureen wondering ‘what on earth are they on about now?’.  When Kevin had gone Maureen covered her inability to follow our drift by saying it was the ‘Geordie Boy’s’ accent that threw her.

Around 4 pm Maureen announced that she wanted to get her hair done.  I seized the moment, ushered her down to Mark’s and within half an hour she was in his capable hands.  I returned to collect her on time and the dishevelled ‘old lady’ was no more: now  looking a ‘Million Dollars’ she worried all the way home about the cost of covering up the grey and a restyle.

While Maureen was getting spruced up I wandered around Cleethorpes, at will, for an hour.  The tide was in so I collected the evidence and sent a photo to those who have always needed binoculars to see where the Humber has gone on their visits.  I also popped in to see ‘Nigel the Clock Man’ for a ‘State of the Nation Conversation’.  I always feel comfortable when I’m back in the company of Engineers: we have a common view of the world.

It felt good to have a ‘taste of honey’ yesterday.  The day started well with Kevin’s arrival: we moved from football to politics with the ease.   Mark played a blinder by responding to Maureen’s request for an immediate solution to her need for colour and a trim.  Nigel laid down his tools, welcoming a chat with a like-minded thinker.

All three of ‘the bees’ have two things in common:  they understand dementia from personal involvement and are prepared to support us whenever they can.



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