Dementia: The Right To Roam

Maureen has been off on walkabouts again today.  This time she told me she was just going for a walk around the block.  She returned almost an hour later escorted by a lady who had helped her to find her way back home.  By lip reading I confirmed this kind woman had realised Maureen had dementia and thought it necessary to see her safely to our front door.  Maureen thought she was a policewoman ‘one of the constabulary who are keeping her under surveillance’.  As Maureen said ‘it must be better than dealing with criminals all the time’.

Almost as soon as Maureen was off on her travel this morning a neighbour knocked on the door to tell me she was on out.  We are fortunate that so many people around here help me to keep a check on her whereabouts.  It must be difficult for them to understand why I let her wander: the answer is quite simple she says she often feels like a prisoner so my inclination is to set her free whenever it seems appropriate.  Locking her in and treating her like a child would be a regressive step IMHO.


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