Dementia: Looking Back: Looking Ahead (Week 10)

There have been marked changes in Maureen’s presentation during the last week.  Confusion has been rampant on many occasions, alongside real fears about men. Yesterday fear became terror as Maureen felt she was ‘losing her memory’ . The episode in the afternoon was repeated in the evening but my efforts to take Maureen ‘home’ were not as successful.  On return from the second trip of the day she said I had ‘ brought her back here again’, and ended up spending the early part of the night on the sofa as ‘she didn’t have a bed here’.  It seems likely that the days of sleeping together in the marital bed have gone: it’s the spare room for me from now on.

Once again I need to ‘up my game’ to cope with the Maureen’s reality, and explore additional support to cope with ongoing daily challenges. I have to continue providing Maureen with the level of support she clearly needs, and seek opportunities for respite from the ongoing challenge of this dreadful condition.  I will continue to post daily updates of how our journey progresses.

Good start to the day with a couple of hours making the house more dementia friendly.  I have disposed of some junk, and simplified the set up in the kitchen.  The early signs are Maureen thinks I am her husband this morning.  It will be interesting to see who she thinks I am on my return from the Leisure Centre when I offer her breakfast.


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