Dementia: Care Agency Gets Me Off The Hook

I struggled for some time yesterday about my plans to go to Coventry on Saturday to see my mum. Maureen is so confused and frightened at the moment that I became worried about leaving her for 14 hours.  The Care Agency helped me to make my mind up once they confirmed no arrangements were in place.  What seemed even more puzzling they didn’t tell me that Sue, who sat with Maureen the last time I had an away day was leaving on Friday.

Why on earth would I leave Maureen with people she didn’t know for 14 hours?   Her reaction  when Sue sat with her when I went to London was challenging enough. Goodness knows what she would have made of it if I had left her with strangers for the day.

This is not the first time that the Care Agency had let me down. On previous occasions it had cost me money when I  had to be cancel arrangements at the last minute..

I’m beginning to think it’s time Social Care was taken back into the Public Sector.  Why are we leaving some of the most vulnerable members of our society in the hands of Agencies who struggle to recruit and retain staff?  The very people who need continuity in their care arrangements are being sold short.  They are being looked after by staff with minimal training, on zero hour contracts.  Their terms and conditions of employment are a disgrace: no time between calls or travelling expenses.  This is hardly a recipe for good care in the community!


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