Dementia: 95 Today

It’s my mum’s 95th birthday today.  If I told her how confused, and frightened, Maureen was at the moment she would tell me not to leave her.  She would understand that I need to stay close to Maureen and can’t get to Coventry to visit her.

Mum would also tell me to do everything I could to minimise Maureen’s distress.  If she could she would help me make our home easier for Maureen to cope with. She would be round here like a shot to sort out what we need and what we don’t.

Unfortunately mum lives over 100 miles away and has dementia herself.  So I can’t call on her to help me this time.  However, I know she’s here in spirit, and would fully understand what I have to do at the moment.

Happy birthday mum: I’ll be down to see you as soon as I can.


2 thoughts on “Dementia: 95 Today

  1. Many thanks Vandana. It will be a while before I’m able to go. Like my brother it is unlikely that she knows who I am any more. I have to concentrate on the home base for a while. Thanks for those great recipes.


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