Dementia: ‘Being A Care Partner: I’ve Got It Now!’

I’ve got it now the solution to all my struggles of being a Care Partner for Maureen.  All I have to do is go next door sit on the stairs, pour out all my troubles to Kate and ‘Hey Presto’ things change.  A couple of hours after I unburdened myself to my neighbour Mrs Dementia had scarpered and Maureen was back home.

Towards the end of the afternoon I mentioned that I needed to go to the Post Office.  Before I could say ‘Jack Robinson’ Maureen had her boots and fleece jacket on.  Just for once we both had gloves on and braved the cool air without too much discomfort.  On our return we added further distance to our walk to see the Holiday Camp coming to life as the season is about to begin.

As we prepared our tea I fired up the record player and we sang along to Johnny Nash. We continued singing along with the odd move on the kitchen floor as we tidied up after our meal.  Just before kick-off Maureen decided that it was time for bed.  She returned downstairs at half time and I mentioned that we were already 1-0 down.  I accompanied her upstairs and helped her into bed in time to hear the second-half .

Things didn’t get any better in the second half as are keeper spilled the ball and we ended up losing 2-0.  I’m wondering if ‘Mogga’ needs time on the stairs to sort the Sky Blues out.

One other result of sitting on the stairs’ that is quite amazing.  When I returned to bed after a loo visit Maureen calmly said ‘who’s that’?  No loud scream or upset at all.  So it appears my time in the naughty corner paid off perhaps I’ll have a chat about football on Saturday morning.  If I don’t do something soon it will be another season in Division One for Coventry City.

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