Dementia: Saturday’s Sprinkle of Gratitude (Week 3)

There is so much to be grateful over the last seven days: possibly one of the most challenging weeks for a while.

I was so grateful for 256256 the emergency number of Adult Social Care on Sunday night.  I was at the end of my tether trying to settle Maureen after my day trip to London when they responded to my call to for help with support.  Just knowing that help was on the way was such a bonus in my hour of need.

I was so grateful that Simon the owner of the local chippie cooked haddock to Maureen’s special instruction on Tuesday, when I was too tired to be the in-house chef.  His lightly battered fish with chips cooked to perfection hit the spot for both of us.

I’m so grateful that I have been able to have several short walks this week.  Maureen is so kind to be prepared to be left alone while I pop out to local shops to stock up on provisions, and recharge my batteries.

I’m so grateful to Bob Marco at Alzheimer’s Reading Room for  helping me try to make sense of ‘Maureen’s Dementia World’.  His Site has encouraged me not to take her words literally and try to understand the sentiments behind her presentation.  I would have no chance of making sense of her recurring fears, very early this morning, about having no clothes for school without Bob sharing his experiences of working with Dotty.

I’m so grateful to our carers for helping me to cope with a very challenging week.  I’m hoping to get Chloe, Gail and Sue public recognition for their work through a competition organised by Accord: a community membership body for North East Lincolnshire that lets all members have a say in how NHS and adult social care money is spent.

I sincerely hope our carers’ are short-listed and go on to receive an award.  They have provided sound support to us over the last year: helping Maureen to retain her independence, and me to become a supportive Care Partner.  I’m hoping that my nomination shows them how much we appreciate their hard work.

I’m very grateful to Bob Marley for his reggae music.  Hearing Maureen accompany Bob last night was heartening. When she asked me to dance with her to ‘Stir It Up’ in memory of Denise, her daughter, it was the end to a perfect vinyl session.  Check it out below and think of us moving smoothly around our dining room.

2 thoughts on “Dementia: Saturday’s Sprinkle of Gratitude (Week 3)

  1. I love your reflection about gratitude. Thank you for sharing – it makes me smile when I read your list. I hope it helps make you smile too.


  2. Hi Jennifer thanks for giving me the idea to count my blessings. It does make me smile as I write my Saturday post when I think of the kindness of so many people who help us to enjoy our lives at this challenging time.


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