Dementia:’Get A Man In’

On Wednesday Maureen suggested ‘getting a man in’ and I thought welcome to being a septuagenarian.  I feared she was being insensitive and could have given me a couple more days getting used to my new status.  With trepidation I wandered down the road and told Kev of Maureen’s request and he agreed to help out.

Kev arrived an hour earlier than expected and soon sorted out what was needed.  In his forties he had the dexterity to see things in a different way.  He was able to get into positons that I can now only dream of.  He didn’t need to be helped off the floor after his initial inspection.  He didn’t yell out in pain trying to see where things were going wrong.

Two hours later and there was satisfaction all round.  The leak under the sink had been solved, a new tap fitted we were no longer sloshing around in pools of water in the kitchen.  He also did a couple of other small jobs while he was here.

Maureen often jokes she’s not‘the full shilling’.  She certainly helped us get our money’s worth on that one as Kev is always reasonable,and saved her middle-aged husband a lot of pain into the bargain.

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