Dementia: ‘Life Begins At 70’


Well I’ve made it: today I enter my 8th decade.  There’s no party or Cruise to celebrate my 70th birthday. Celebrations have already begun with Maureen singing ‘Happy Birthday’ around 5 am. Her card has been on display for over a week, as we couldn’t find Valentine’s Day Cards amongst our keepsakes.  I have always said ‘her that her presence is my present’, and today is no different.

We are going to have special food today: home-made soups.  As the in-house chef, and Birthday Boy, something special will be on the menu today: with a new version of Golden Vegetable Soup for lunch, and Birthday Dhal for the evening meal.  So it’s going to be a ‘Souper Birthday’,

I remember one of my bosses saying to me that it was all down-hill after 40.  Fortunately, I have never followed his jaundiced approach to becoming middle-aged.  My current focus on life has been sharpened by Maureen’s condition.  What I have to grasp is how to enter her ‘Dementia World’.  Once I am comfortable in her world, I’m sure we will continue to enjoy our lives together: despite my advancing years.  One thing I can be sure of is I would never have caught Des Walker, and I will never catch up Maureen.  That young lady of mine isn’t that far off entering her 9th decade!

There could only ever be one song for today:

I hope all readers of this Blog have someone they can sing it to.

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