Dementia: ‘The’ve Worked Their Socks Off’

My train to London leaves just after 9.30 tomorrow morning and I won’t be back in Cleethorpes until 9pm in the evening.  A number of people have ‘worked their socks off’ to make it possible for me to spend the day with Anna, one of my daughters.  I want to use this post to acknowledge the tremendous effort that has gone into supporting my away day.

First of all my heartfelt thanks have to go out to Sue, who will sit alongside Maureen in my absence.  I bumped into her in the Card Factory a few weeks ago and mentioned my plans.  Following a brief chat she offered to do a 12 hour shift on her day off.  Then Sue, our social worker, got clearance to fund my day off within an hour of returning from a week’s holiday.  My final thanks have to go to Jo the Deputy Manager at our Care Agency who pulled things together on Wednesday to finalise the arrangements for Sue to be on duty.

I appreciate that I am very fortunate that Anna and I will be able to celebrate her birthday in retrospect, and mine in advance.  It is reassuring that so many people have worked hard to ensure that I can begin to reconnect with my family at this challenging time in my life

Oh dear  I just pressed the wrong button and posted this today.  It should have gone out tomorrow: so no Blog on Sunday now!

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