Dementia: Saturday’s Sprinkle of Gratitude (Week 3)

I’m grateful that  I was able to walk to the local shops yesterday to buy some provisions.

I am grateful that my hips have been replaced and walking is pain free.

I’m grateful for all the medical staff involved in my operations and recovery.

I’m grateful that Maureen was happy that I could leave her in the house while I went for a walk.

I’m grateful to all the people who spoke to me while I was on my walk.

I’m grateful that we have shops within walking distance of our home.

I’m grateful that Chloe our carer came yesterday, and gave us both excellent support.

I’m grateful that Mike and Kate, our next door neighbours, welcomed us so readily when we popped round yesterday.  With Kate’s birthday on Monday; mine on Tuesday, Maureen will simply have to learn to play ‘Happy Birthday’ on the piano!

I’m grateful for all the people who post on YouTube: we had a lovely evening listening to so many artists last night. Why not pop over there to listen to three of last night’s favourites?

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