Dementia: Early Morning Thoughts -‘Very Interesting’

It’s been another very early start for us again today.  Maureen awoke at 2.30 ‘stuffed-up’ from catarrh.  I was despatched to find a cold drink, and pastilles to aid her breathing.  Her topics of conversation were very interesting this morning.

Maureen is recollecting conversations she has had  about her pension, and getting her driving licence back.  She is concerned that she hasn’t got any money, despite a ‘mystery lady’ telling her she is entitled to a State Pension of around £80.  She wonders who  paid for her to be in the Care Home when she lost her memory.  How fortunate that her son phoned the previous evening: he has extensive knowledge of Works and Pensions.

Maureen seems reassured that expertise will be on hand in a couple of weeks, when her son visits.  I spend quite a lot of time trying to get her to focus on that she has ‘remembered’ this issue rather than ‘forgot’.  I keep repeating our mantra of: ‘accentuate the positives’.

The driving licence issue is a recurring theme.  Once again a ‘mystery lady’ has told her that the Post Office can resolve the renewal of her licence.  Unfortuntaley, Maureen still hasn’t grasped that following stroke her eyesight will never be good enough to regain her licence.

I have written down these two issues on a small white board that is now on Maureen’s chest of drawers.  I have also added two additional items: finding Maureen’s Boots discount card, and buying my daughter a birthday card.  It’s good we have a focus for today, and reminders are needed for both of us; otherwise we might just overlook them as another busy day unfolds.  

This is all ‘very interesting’, as my father would have said.  He is sadly no longer with us but never forgotten. Mum has never been the same since his passing.  How on earth would life ever be the same when the man she loved for over 70 years had passed away?  The good folk are pictured opposite: still holding hands after all those years together!

Why not pop over to my updated Good Music Page to hear who we have been listening to this week?  That is also very interesting indeed, and well worth the journey.

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