Dementia: On The Right Road With Dementia UK

I have copied part of an EMail, I received yesterday afternoon to show that my on-line support system is now operational:

‘Hi Paul,

I have read your blog from today, and you are managing Maureen’s change of emotion wonderfully, however I bet this is very tiring for you. It’s great to see that you have managed to find time to attend your appointments, and were able to take the car. Due to the change in emotion I was wondering if it would be beneficial to leave Maureen a note while you are out in car explaining were it has gone, I am sure you have thought of this before though.

As always you know where I am if you want to talk.

Take care

Melanie Sisson

Admiral Nurse’

The photo below shows that Mel and I are on the same page:

Just to be on the safe side I had left the whiteboard above in the kitchen, and another one in the lounge.  It worked this time but with dementia you can never count your chickens!

The other positive about yesterday was that we adopted another daughter.  Sue turned up as a replacement for Gail, our regular Wednesday carer.  With a quick briefing from me she slipped into her role as the ‘cleaning lady’.  I pottered in the garden and we played happy families all morning.

After she had gone Maureen was exhausted from all the ‘chin-wagging’ that had gone on.  During one of our tea breaks we chatted about holidays, and we happened to mention our Baltic Cruise seven years ago.  Sue has the cruising bug so we sought out our DVD to share our wonderful ten days on board the Jewel of the Seas

I am hoping that our new approach to the ‘carers’ invasion’ will stick.  Having adopted daughters visit three times a week can be a pain when all you want is a bit of peace and quiet.  On the other hand if you rarely get visitors your house doesn’t feel like a home.  All we need to do is keep thinking of how the ‘offspring’ can help when they arrive, so that we are not taken unawares.  The shopping list is already underway for Chloe on Friday, and I am hoping that this dry spell continues so she can help with the ironing.


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