Dementia: Up Before The Birds

Two favourite birds 001Maureen is up before the birds this morning: even her pet blackird, pictured right, is stiil sleeping at 2.30 am! Blackie as she calls him responds to her whistle, as he comes down to be fed.  He’s rather fond of grapes and sultanas: expect him to be involved in the dawn chorus any time now.  Well this early morning wakening rounds off a funny 12 hours or so.

Early yesterday afternoon I caught sight of Maureen in the bedroom, and had to smile at her outfit.  Her blue jumper was on back to front.  I could see  her pink P J bottoms peeping out from under her claret joggers. She had odd socks on, beneath a blue slipper on one foot, and a green rubber gardening shoe on the other.

After an early evening siesta she began to talk to me as if I was her dad.  She mentioned the things we had done together, and relatives I had never met.  This mistaken identity didn’t worry me too much as she seemed to feel very safe in the company of her ‘dad’.  When bedtime arrived she encouraged me to let her have a bedroom to herself.

I heard her moving around shortly after 2 am this morning saying she wanted a cup of tea.   As her behaviour with the kettle is uncertain I promptly joined her downstairs.  We have now been up for 5 hours listening, and singing, to some of our favourite music on YouTube.  So Blackie your mistress is singing before you this morning: Lazy Bones!

It’s now 7.40 am and Maureen has decided it’s time for bed: ‘as night is drawing in’.  I’ve reassured her that I will serve breakfast at the usual time.  She will sleep for a long time now, and I’ll go off to for my acupuncture appointment.


2 thoughts on “Dementia: Up Before The Birds

  1. Good evening. I love your writing and the gentle way you speak of your wife. I also love that you are blogging to help with this journey. Good luck managing this time in your marriage. I look forward to continuing to read your story.


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