Dementia: OMG It’s A Carer From Talk Talk

The Festive period has disrupted our normal flow of carers.  No ‘sits’ were available on Christmas or New Year’s Day.  This meant two lost opportunities for us, at a time when Maureen’s presentation has been very challenging.  Therefore, I sought some recompemse with a ‘sit’ today: I have made a mistake.

Today’s carer arrived and said she hadn’t been here for two years.  She reminded us that she had sat with Maureen for six hours on a previous occasion, when I went to London.  She has now been here for an hour and has not stopped talking.  I have left them too it.  My dad would have said: ‘she’s been vaccinated with a gramophone needle’: I have to intervene or Maureen will be sleep for a week after she’s gone.

Today’s experience heightens the need to review the role of paid carers.  This will be an important part of the review that I referred to in my post earlier today.  Maureen needs the right sort of stimulation she doesn’t need to be battered with the life history of paid carers.

Postscript: Maureen is on her knees after a verbal battering for an hour and a half.  We’ve given the woman an ‘early bath’ and sent her off shopping.

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