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Dementia: Coconut Oil Works!

There are some people who regard coconut oil as a wonder food for all sorts of conditions. Certain individuals have praised its positive impact on dementia: others see it as snake oil. This morning I have irrefutable evidence of its … Continue reading

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Dementia: RIP Fellow Traveller

It’s 3.30 am in the morning and I am adding to a post I drafted last night:  I received some sad news yesterday afternoon that Maureen’s Uncle Dennis had passed away.  His death was not unexpected as he was in … Continue reading

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Dementia: Forgotten How To Fill Time

We had a relatively peaceful day yesterday.  I pottered in the garden for most of the day, while Maureen busied herself in the house.  Our afternoon siesta went well with us both having some shut eye.  As we began to … Continue reading

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Dementia: On The Right Road With Dementia UK

I have copied part of an EMail, I received yesterday afternoon to show that my on-line support system is now operational: ‘Hi Paul, I have read your blog from today, and you are managing Maureen’s change of emotion wonderfully, however I bet … Continue reading

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Kate Swaffer: On dementia, disAbility and writing my book

Jessica Kingsley Publishers in the UK sent me a few questions to answer about what is was like when first diagnosed with dementia, how dementia has impacted my life and family, and on living beyond dementia, continuing to study and…

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Dementia: Riding The Roller Coaster of Emotion

It something of a roller coaster of emotions here at the moment with Maureen having periods of: fears, tears, and anger.  On Sunday she was beset with fears she was going to be institutionalised.  Yesterday morning she was crying that … Continue reading

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Dementia:’I Don’t Believe It’- I’ve Done It Again

 Maureen and I are avid fans of Victor Meldrew and often watch repeats on YouTube.  His favourite phrase of: ‘I don’t believe’ it has to be said about my behaviour early yesterday morning.  As I sat at the keyboard Maureen … Continue reading

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Dementia: Found Out

It has taken me a while to figure out what all this fuss is about with Maureen and the car. Then this morning it came to me like a bolt of lightning.  When we worked together I would sometimes ask … Continue reading

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Dementia: Looking Back (Week 3)

When I decided to dedicate Monday’s post as a retrospective reflection on the previous week I had no idea if It would be something I would persevere with.  However, the Red Admiral is ‘not for turning’, for very good reason:  looking … Continue reading

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Dementia: Another Reality Check

I’m often spoiled for choice on the topic of my daily blog:  today is no different.  I remember some kind soul on Talking Point suggesting I was: ‘like a butterfly on steroids’. I suppose that is one descriptor of my approach … Continue reading

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