Dementia: ‘The Big O’

I mentioned in a blog earlier this morning how we enjoyed our day yesterday.  We had beautiful weather and managed a walk by the sea.  Our afternoon siesta extended well into the evening for Maureen.  This gave me an opportunity to catch up with friends, and family on the phone.  I was fortunate to reach a good friend who I hadn’t spoken to for a while.  Mr ‘O’ as he was fondly known by pupils promised to: ‘look after me’ when Annette, my first wife, died 40 years ago.  He kept to his word in many ways, and together we ran one of the best Youth Club’s in Coventry.

In the evening Maureen and I caught up with the other ‘Big O’ on the T V: Roy Orbison.  Orbison is one of my heroes from my teenage years, with so many beautiful songs.  During the Black and White Night I glanced at my Tablet as he was belting out : ‘In Dreams’ to see that my great friend Kate Swaffer had  posted her last Blog of the year.  ‘In Dreams’ and ‘Living Beyond Dementia’: it don’t get much than that!

Listen here and you will know just what I mean.


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