Dementia:Put At Risk By Exploited Carers

I have declined the opportunity to get way from things this morning.

Maureen remains very frightened: she is worried I will get fed up with her and clear off.  Therefore, I decided to send our carer off shopping this morning so that I could stay close by: a very wise decision in the circumstances.

When Chloe arrived I knew I had made a sound decision: she has a chest infection, and is on antibiotics.  We have had this issue before with a previous carer.  However, it seems par for the course that carers go into the homes of vulnerable clients when they should really be off sick.  This is another example of poor conditions of employment, with no sick pay, which are not in the interest of clients.  You just wonder sometimes what it will take to sort out this mess?  Why on earth is such a valuable resource to vulnerable adults provided on the cheap?

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