Dementia:Time For A Change of Scene

I have no idea what is going on at the moment with constant changes in Maureen’s presentation.  It is another day until I will have respite from being on duty 24/7: Chloe, one of or carers, will be here at this time tomorrow.

I am hoping that I can cajole Maureen into going out for a walk, as it is a sunny day here in Cleethorpes.  It will be interesting to see if a change of scene helps in any way.  I could certainly do with getting out, and the odd word with someone who is not struggling to deal with the impact of dementia would be a welcome relief.

My left shoulder is really giving me grief at the moment, despite following the recommended exercises.  If I make tai chi in the morning I will have to be very careful I don’t cause further problems.  Perhaps, the Leisure Centre is a safer option in the warmth of the spa and sauna: oh the thought of it!

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