Dementia: Early Morning Routine

It’s 5.45 am and we have been up for a couple of hours.  Unusually, Maureen beat me too it this morning and was downstairs while I was still asleep.  I found her in the lounge sorting out the zip on her cardigan again: something she had been doing for half an hour on the previous evening.  After another ten minutes or so she put the cardigan on and zipped it up.  I am feeling a little out of my depth here, and will have to see where this new pursuit leads.

We had a short dance in the lounge yesterday evening, and I returned to this theme earlier on with YouTube.  Watching dancing on the T V held Maureen’s interest for a while, and we chatted about creating a dance floor in the lounge.

Using the Lap Top is causing Maureen to be distressed so I have to shut down.  I am in new territory here as Maureen’s presentation is changing radically.  More later – perhaps.!!!!!

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