Dementia: It’s Tai Chi For Me!

I have already posted this morning on Willie Nelson being one point in a strategy to help us through this hazardous journey.  I am pretty confident that stepping out to the Rumba in the kitchen can only help Maureen recollect who I am.  In fact I have already been prancing around the bedroom to Dolly Parton, and 0ne or two others.  YouTube is part of a wake up routine to help ground Maureen in the morning.  However, something more is needed to keep your truly on track as the challenges of dementia come thick and fast: tai chi is the answer.

We have attended tai chi classes on an intermittent basis over the years.  The routines have helped me to restore much needed flexibility into my stiff old frame.   They may also help me to remedy with the problems I have with my rotator cuff in my left shoulder.   Fortunately, they take place on Monday and Wednesday mornings, so they fit in nicely with carer sits for Maureen.

Tai chi is a sort of moving meditation which will be of real benefit at the moment.  It will help me to calm my mind, and put me in a better place to address the daily challenges of this journey.  Once I sort out my sleep pattern I also plan to return to Buddhist meditation classes.  Both activities are patronised by really caring, and supportive, folk: something that I really need as this journey progresses.


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