Dementia: Reviewing Our Routines

One of the things that I need to do over the next few days is to review our daily routines.  I also need to watch what buttons I press on the keyboard as I have posted this a couple of hours too early!

The article that follows is something that should be helpful as I try to work out what works best here:

‘By Bob DeMarco Alzheimer’s Reading Room Establish a Daily Routine Nothing is more important than the daily routine. Persons afflicted with dementia do not have a good sense of time. As a result, they tend to fall out of the daily routine they used before the diagnosis. You can look back to what it was they were use to doing; and then, incorporate some of those things into their daily routine. As you establish a routine take it one step at a time. Eventually you should come up with a routine that covers the entire day. Do the same thing, at the same time, every day when possible. If your love one read the newspaper in the morning, organize the newspaper and put it in front of them. Ask them to read to you from the newspaper. If your loved one went to the store at a certain time of the day – take them to the store. You should get out and around every day. Walking is good if they can do it, and the weather permits. A ride in the car is always good. Talk about the scenery or whatever you can. Keep you loved one engaged in conversation. Think about what your loved one liked to do. Then go do it. If you need to modify the daily routine a bit for them, modify it. Make things more simple to do if necessary. Incorporate Activities into Your Day If you incorporate activities into your day –

This will set you free.

The more activities the happier the afflicted becomes, and the happier you become’


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