Dementia: Confusion and Grief


Maureen became very concerned last night that she didn’t remember who I was.  She was reluctant to go to bed because she thought she was waiting for her husband to come home.  Just as I was tucking her up for the night she asked me what was wrong with her?  She was worried that she might need to go back to hospital as, once again, she had lost her memory.   A short while afterwards I heard her crying in bed about all the people who had died: her son, daughter, mother and dad.

I think spending the afternoon with Maeve reminded Maureen how much she missed Denise, her daughter.  As she sobbed she mentioned that she wanted to move on.   I think the time has arrived for me to once agai discuss this matter with professional staff.

My strategy for the remainder of the week is to have a quiet time following a busy few days.  Therefore, I will let Christmas pass very quietly, and minimise any external contact.  The land line will remain off unless Maureen shows concern about lack of contact from her family.




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