Dementia: In Safe Hands

It’s reassuring that Maureen will be with carers that she knows when I’m away tomorrow. 

Once again I need to praise Sue our social worker who is  aware of Maureen’s vulnerable state at the moment, and has requested that we have familiar faces on the scene.  This has meant that Chloe’s idea about writing a Care Plan for her colleagues is not needed tomorrow.

I chatted to Chloe on Friday about the guidance she would give her colleagues and it went something like this:

  • Introduce yourself as a friend of Chloe’s
  • Say you have just popped in to give a helping hand
  • Never say you are here so Paul can go out
  • Give Maureen plenty of space to do her own thing
  • Never try to force Maureen to do anything
  • Do not try to make Maureen have a shower or wash her hair
  • Take into account that Maureen has a 50% peripheral vision loss
  • Go out for a walk with Maureen if she is keen to take exercise
  • Understand that Maureen is still grieving for her daughter who died 3 years ago
  • Understand that Maureen may confuse Paul with her previous husband Eddie

I’m sure Chloe will add to her Handy Hints to colleagues.  It also seems likely that the idea will catch on and the Agency will adopt it as standard practice.  How fortunate we are to have such a committed carer as Chloe in our midst.


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