Dementia: Helpful Tips For Paid Carers

Sue our social worker has sent me a draft Support Plan.  She has done really well in the short time she has been working with us to gain a pretty clear understanding of us and our lives.  I am going to suggest that we now produce a summary document that new carers can be given before they visit here for the first time.  I need to include our regular carers in this exercise, so we end up with some Helpful Tips for their colleagues.

There are two things that would help when there are ‘new kids are on the block’. Firstly, that they arrive at our door knowing something about us. Secondly, that they don’t need to spend the first part of their call ploughing through loads of paperwork.

I am hoping to have something in place as soon as possible, in case our regular carers are not available on Monday when I go to Coventry.    It is unlikely that Maureen will accompany on my day trip, and it would be helpful for any newcomers to have some Helpful Tips to help them provide sensitive support.

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