Dementia: Sleeping Beauty Needs Her Rest

Maureen has now been in bed for fifteen hours.  I enticed her to have a nap alongside me, late yesterday afternoon, as I knew she needed to doze after a very busy day:  Sleeping Beauty has earned her rest.

As her mouth soreness and catarrh was ‘driving her mad’ she went to see her G P yesterday morning.  As always, Dr Munjal was extremely supportive, and gave her a number of options to resolve her difficulties.  He understands, very well, her intolerance to all sorts of medication, and is always very wary of introducing more tablets to her daily regime.  The good news from the consultation was that her blood pressure is well under control.

Maureen was very pleased with the outcome of her consultation: particularly the news on her blood pressure.   Seeing that she was in good spirits I pushed my luck to see if she could get her hair trimmed.  She responded postively to my suggestion, and luck was on our side as Mark squeezed her into his busy schedule.

Mark is one of the many examples of the ‘dementia friendly’ nature of Cleethorpes.   Lots of people in our neighbourhood, and beyond, are very supportive to us as we continue on this journey.  I could fill the page with examples of those who ‘go the extra mile’ to help us day after day.  While Maureen was in Mark’s chair I popped up St Peter’s Avenue to thank Specsavers for their recent assistance.  Lucy seemed delighted with the news that Maureen was getting used to her new glasses, after the uncertainty that had arisen when she first tried them on.

When I made it back to ‘Hairsmiths’ Maureen was sitting in the window looking a picture.  In a short space of time Mark had made her look like a model again – I kid you not!

As always when you have had a good sheering it takes you a while to get used to a shorter mop, and surely enough Maureen struggled with having a cold neck for a while.  Maureen spent quite a time in front of the mirror on our return home, checking on Mark’s work with a degree of satisfaction.

The remainder of the afternoon passed in a normal fashion: the chef at work and his assistant tidying up the debris.  As the afternoon was drawing to a close I realised that I had to encourage Maureen to rest after a busy day.  With a bit of persuasion I managed to get her to lie on the bed with me for a while, and that is where Sleeping Beauty remains as I post this Blog.  To put a football slant on things: ‘the girl done well’.

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