Dementia: Neuroplasticity In Action

In October I outlined my approach to being a Care Partner to Maureen.  Her recovery from stroke continues, as does improvement in her cognitive capacity -neuroplasticity in action.  I am now using  a numbered list to clarify the approach we are taking to life:

  1. Maureen’s dementia is not a mental health condition.
  2. The brain does find avenues to re route or repair: neuroplasticity.
  3. Some recommended supplements are included in our diet: including coconut oil.
  4. We take regular exercise:  Maureen has developed her own circuit in our garden.
  5. We build cognitive stimulation, and lots of fun, into daily living.
  6. We avoid activities that separate and label participants
  7. I try to refrain from giving Maureen any bad news: others should do the same.
  8. I need to ask relations to keep phone calls short, and never ask questions.
  9. I try to avoid saying : ‘Do you remember?’ to Maureen.
  10. I try to talk less and listen more.
  11. I attempt to grasp Maureen’s reality at any particular moment in time.
  12. We play music that has meaning for Maureen.
  13. We are trying to simplify our lives and build in more routine.
  14. Maureen tires easily and needs plenty of rest.

I am sure I have missed out one or two things from the above list:  after all our approach is a ‘work in progress’. Maureen continues to make excellent progress and we all need to sing from the same hymn sheet to make sure she maximises her recovery from stroke.

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