Dementia: Superb Poem By A Man Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s At The Age Of 50.

Behind The Smile

Behind the smiles lies a broken man,
Shattered in so many pieces,
Just wanting his old life back again,
Away from Dementia`s crease`s,

Behind the smile, the man cries out,
To all who want to hear,
But his sobs and woes are deafened out,
By the sound of drying tears

Behind the smile, is a man so scared,
Shaking every day,
From fears and tribulations,
That often comes his way,

Behind the smile, the man’s worn out,
So tired from lack of sleep,
Secretly waiting for the end,
To death he slowly creeps,

But behind the smile, of this broken man,
Lays the person he once was,
Still smiling to one and all,
WHY? Well just because !!

Please share
Norrms, Diagnosed with dementia, eight years ago, aged just 50 xxxxxxxx

I have copied this poem with permission of the author a contributor to Talking Point.

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