Dementia: Code of Conduct Needed!

As the majority of professional staff are not at work today I will deal with our experiences on Saturday morning tomorrow.   What I am intending to do is to suggest an interim Code of Conduct for Care Agencies and Carers. This will hopefully avoid a stranger arriving on our doorstep, ever again, without: any prior knowledge of Maureen; our set up; or training in dementia awareness.

Todays post is my tentative attempt to help family members be supportive over Christmas.   It is a copy of an Email that I sent yesterday  to clear up any misunderstanding over our capacity during the Festive period:

‘There have been significant changes in Maureen’s presentation in the last couple of weeks.  Periods of confusion are more frequent and intensive.  Maureen tires easily and sleeps a lot.  I disconnect the landline when she is resting.

Maureen is still be able to put on a ‘hostess mode’ for visitors, and professional staff, that masks her general presentation.  I continue to seek  professional advice on the best way to provide support.
Our plans for Christmas have to be very conservative, if I am to cope.  We will not send any cards or buy presents.  It is unlikely we will put up any decorations.  Our time will be spent here.  Visitors are welcome in very small numbers; for short periods of time, providing they are spaced out.  We will be unable to provide food other than cake and biscuits.
You will appreciate that this is a very tough time for us and your understanding is appreciated.
Kind regards’


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