Dementia: Preserving Independence

It is possible that I’m sailing close to the wind this morning by deliberately giving Maureen late notice that I am going to Coventry tomorrow.  However, after another difficult day on the clothes front, mentioning my trip yesterday would have been unhelpful.  Therefore, I will broach the subject with Maureen once Chloe, today’s carer arrives.  This will give Maureen an opportunity to chat about the amount of care she would like on Saturday.  Our social worker is on standby to fine tune the arrangements once Maureen has outlined the level of support she feels she needs.

My attempts to visit my family in Coventry have been frustrated on a number of previous occasions.  Maureen and I have sometimes had plans to go and then she has not felt up to travelling.  A couple of weeks ago I postponed a visit as I didn’t think it fair to leave Maureen after a rather difficult few days. On other occasions carers have not been available to stay with Maureen in my absence.

Carers are available to stay with Maureen for the whole time I’m away on Saturday. What we are all trying to preserve is Maureen’s independence, and at the same time ensure her safety.  This is not a simple path to tread, as Maureen’s presentation can change so quickly.  Therefore,  late notice of my plans for an away day seem the most pragmatic solution to a challenging situation for us all.

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