Dementia: Opportunity Knocks Again

If I’m careful today could be a platform for moving forward on this hazardous journey.  It is one of those occasions where I have to take note of nitram a colleague from Talking Point  who asserts: ‘fail to plan – plan to fail’.

The good news is that the new glasses are in the bag: no they are in the drawer.  Not that we are over the rapids just yet, as concern remains about the prescription and frames.  SpecSavers have excelled in their support to Maureen and thanks will be duly recorded by E Mail.  If I can nudge the wearing of glasses then all sorts of possibilities open up, as Maureen will be able to read again.  I must remember to go slowly on this one otherwise I will blow it.

If my luck holds today Maureen may just go through with allowing Mark to work his magic on her hair.  It is longer than I have ever seen it: even in photographs before we met.  Mark is excellent with Maureen as he is very dementia aware.  My problem may well be getting her through his door as tiredness may become an added reason not to have a cut and blow dry: even a few highlights.

I have a ‘cunning plan’ to improve the chances of Maureen making it to 4 pm without being on the brink of collapse.  If I can encourage her to take a couple of naps in the day the odds move in her favour.  Gail is due at 10 am and she always cooperates in our plans.  Some shopping is needed, and Gail will be happy to help us out while I nurse Maureen through the morning.

We will try to have one of those ‘easy days’ that we keep talking about.  If I prepare a leisurely lunch, followed by a  siesta  we have a fighting chance of Maureen being up for a couple of hours with Mark.  My guess is if I get her through the door she will go in for the full works, and opt for a few highlights.

Planning is always difficult when dementia is around.  Perhaps you can only ever give it a go and improvise as the day unfolds.  You will note I continue to struggle with ‘go with the flow’ – it just seems too passive for me.


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