Dementia: ‘Duvet Day’

Maureen slept for most of yesterday.  I gathered early on, with her reluctance to get out of bed, that it could be another Duvet Days: one of those days following stroke that the brain is so tired that the owner has to rest.  Maureen eventually surfaced around noon and had me in stitches with her performance in the garden.

Seeking some fresh air she decided to stroll around the garden in her PJ trousers and a cardigan.  After a couple of circuits she suddenly burst out laughing with an anticipated comment from neighbours: ‘ I see she’s no better then.’

We had a late breakfast and an even later lunch.  Maureen busied herself in between ‘packing to go home’.  Fortunately, my rearrangements earlier in the day meant it was easier for her to pack, and much quicker for me to put things back.  I have now put her prized possessions in boxes and trays: so now she gets them out and I can put them back.  It is easier and quicker for both of us.  All I have to do is keep to Maureen’s mantra of everything in its place and all will be well I hope!

The amount Maureen is sleeping at the moment I am beginning to wonder if she has a viral infection?  She has been complaining of a sore mouth and throat for a few days.  I am hoping that the amount of garlic I put in the evening snack will kill off anything nasty: it will certainly keep the vampires at bay!

Maureen tidied or packed once again during the evening.  She felt hot after her exploits, and walked around the garden again under cover of darkness.  Following her stroll I called up YouTube on the television in an effort to keep her awake, and we sang along to a number of our old favourites.  I put our Songbird, Maeve on for a while and Maureen clearly enjoyed seeing her grandaughter hold forth.  I wondered if that would spark an interest in a trip to Coventry to seek Maeve but unfortunately it didn’t.

At Maureen’s behest Chloe, our carer, is cancelled today but she has probably forgotten her concerns about ‘all these people in the house’ now.  I fully expect her to ask if Chloe is coming today when she wakes this morning – she did yesterday.  Perhaps, I’ve got to learn to listen and nod rather than act on Maureen’s impulses.  I may well regret that I am a ‘lone wolf’ again today: you win some, you lose some.

2 thoughts on “Dementia: ‘Duvet Day’

  1. So good to hear Maureen still has her sense of humour Paul.
    I had a wry smile at your arrangements to make packing and unpacking easier. Such a rational solution to an apparently irrational situation, although I’m sure Maureen has very good reasons inside her head.
    Hope she is a bit less tired tomorrow.


    1. Yes Maureen still has a lovely sense of humour. I have to be honest the packing and unpacking solution just evolved. I tidied a little; Maureen packed to go home, and I put them back. Perhaps I’ll trademark it as Musical Packing as it is essential to have a tape or C D on in the background- a form of musical movement.. The Beach Boys’ I Want To Go Home’ would be the one!


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