Dementia: Sweet Dreams


Maureen woke up early this morning and told me she had been dreaming about her Auntie Annie and Uncle Eric.  Apparently, they were deaf and dumb, and Maureen has very fond memories of a very jovial couple.  She reaclls when she first went to the High School in Nottingham that she used to walk to their house for lunch.  As she recalled her memories of them and their children I listened and pushed the conversation in a certain direction.

I hope that I have shown my optimism for visiting old haunts in Nottingham.  If my ‘cunning plan’ is successful it opens up all sorts of doors for further cognitive stimulation.  Maureen is keem to learn more about why people are born deaf and dumb.  She might also want to try her hand ay signing again.  With a bit of luck I will see if I can get her to map out her journeys to school and her Aunty’s house.  So lots of possibilities to cajole her to make another trip to Nottingham.  She has forgotten that we were in her home city a couple of months ago but that doesn’t matter.

Nottingham is also a place that holds dear memories for me.  I would like to spend some time in the area, and revisit a University I attended over 30 years ago.  The last time we were that way I couldn’t even locate the building in which I attended lectures!   The other advantage is that Coventry is only an hour or so away and if I could get Maureen that far it would be a real achievement.

EmmyLou Harris has something to say on this subject: Sweet Dreams

Footnote: All of this could be wishful thinking as Maureen seems really quiet this morning.  She may well have forgotten her dream and my aspirations could turn out to be Pie in the Sky!

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