Dementia: Solving Myopia and Central Heating

It’s taken two weeks but I’m confident there will be progress on Maureen choosing new glasses today.  She had her eyes tested two weeks ago but was too tired to choose new frames for the stronger prescription.  Her old glasses have now been missing for close to a month.  I think the crossword did it yesterday  and she is showing some interest in returning to Specsavers today.

I am hoping that I have removed some of the complexities of what Maureen needs to endure today: choosing anything is a major problem following stroke.  So I have suggested that she just chooses any old frame to get her by, and returns for a spare pair when she feels so inclined.  It could be another one of those occasions when the best laid plans doesn’t work out -time will tell.

The heating problem should be solved in the next hour or so.  As I type the heating engineer has our boiler on test.  It has been playing up lately and we want it sorted in case this cold snap becomes more severe.  This has provided an opportunity to be around this morning, and chat with our carer rather than leave her to tend to Maureen while ‘I go out and have fun’ as Maureen puts it!.  There are things that need to be reviewed in terms of carer support and I can start the process today.

So today starts the process of looking at things with a clearer focus for us all.  With luck we might even stay warm while we move forward on our journey.


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