Dementia: ‘Lazy Sunday Afternoon’

I can remember my dear father often using the title of this post.  I would often chat with him and he would say : ‘very interesting’.  I am sure it was a catch phrase from somewhere but I will always remember it as one of his sayings and gives me a lovely reminder of a great dad on this cold morning in Cleethorpes.

Yesterday was very interesting indeed!  Maureen was up by 9 am and in good form for the whole morning.  We had our breakfast together and commented on bird behaviour in the garden.  The good news being that  ‘Blackie’ is back – we think: a blackbird that responds to Maureen’s whistle.  We can’t be sure it’s him, only time will tell when Maureen ventures out and tries to feed him grapes!

The morning went well with Maureen assisting her Chef with preparation of the Sunday Lunch.  My new plan to be a bit tidier in the kitchen was appreciated by my humble assistant – possibly coach.  As always we larked about -even danced- to music  as we prepared lunch.  Music while you cook is always on the menu here.

After lunch we had an afternoon nap with Maureen grabbing a couple of hours of shut-eye.   On waking she was again keen to help with preparing our evening snack – ‘Lilly May Tea’: dedicated to her mother.  Apparently, her mum always steamed crumpets, so I carry on with the family tradition.

Following tea we did a couple of crosswords together.  One to be honest as we both struggeld with the clues of the second.  Our routine is I read out the clues and we take it in turn to answer.  Double points are awarded for silly answers – even more for suggestive ones!  Maureen tired as we both ran out of enthusiasm and decided to ‘close her eyes’ for a while.

Around 9 pm I tried to encourage her to go to bed and failed.  She said she was comfortable and it would be time to get up soon – obviously thinking it was morning.  So I decided to go to bed and woke a couple of hours later to hear her pottering about in the kitchen.   It took me quite some time to persuade her to join me in bed  but eventually I succeeded.

In retropsect I think we had a fairly normal day for a couple of our age.  It was cold outside, so we stayed in and had a restful Sunday.  I think the balance of  activity, stimulation and rest was about right.  It will be interesting to see what others think of  what the old folks got up to yesterday.

For the music lovers or ‘pop pickers’ I couldn’t resist this one: Lazy Sunday Afternoon


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