Dementia: Super Saturday


There is only one way of summing up yesterday: ‘Super Saturday’.  They say your luck runs in threes and yesterday it did.

Gemma our carer arrived on the dot at 10 am and provided superb support throughout her stay.  When you consider it was only the second time she had been here her performance could only be described as outstanding. Following a brief chat in our dining room she blended in as if she had been part of the furniture and fittings for ages.

Gemma is extremely intuitive and realised that Maureen was puzzled by a new kid on the block.  She therefore played a good card by offering to ‘pop to the shops’.  On her return she played another ace by ironing some bedding.  Then she slipped into the lounge to have a cuppa and chat with Maureen.  I am pleased to welcome Gemma into our support team.

With Gemma in the house I managed to scan the Internet for more resources on dementia and discovered Improving Dementia Education and Awareness (IDEA)  at Nottingham University.  What could be better than somewhere that is close by , at a University where I have been a student, and located in Maureens birthplace?

Later in the day things got even better.  As an avid Coventry City supporter I listen to matches live on Sky Blue Player.  Yesterday we beat Gillingham 4-1 .  It isn’t very often that I wake up on Sunday morning when the Sky Blues are top of the league.

The only dampner on this morning is that I have been woken up early once again by leg pain.  I have to start looking after myself a little more.  Those morning routines of Tai Chi and meditation beckon!




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