Dementia: Good Vibrations and Neuroplasticity

I think there were lots of good things about yesterday, alongside my luck running in 

Maureen and I had a normal sort of day for any married couple.  I didn’t ‘hop off’ as soon as Gemma arrived, so we had breakfast together and then carried out some basic household tasks.  When we work alongside each other the ‘old team’ is back on the pitch, and things run smoothly.  I generally spot when Maureen needs prompting and make the necessary supportive moves.

Whilst I was preparing lunch Maureen and Gemma got on like a house on fire.  I could here them chatting away as I made a winter warming soup.   When Gemma left Maureen said she liked Gemma- always a bonus with any carer!

My lunch time soup went down a bomb and I got high praise from my regular booking.  We always have fun around meal times as Maureen scores my creations.  The afternoon was difficult for the Nottingham Forrest supporter and she sat out my celebrations of the Sky Blues slamming Gillingham 4-1.

When Maureen is left to her own devices she tends to tidy up all sorts of things.  Sometimes she packs to go home and fills the washing basket full of precious items.  On other occasions she moves stuff around.  As I listened to the match she was in the bedroom and announced later that she had been tidying up.

As I celebrated the Sky Blues moving to the top of the table Maureen joined in with the high spirits.  She sang and danced to Joe Brown giving it his all on our Cd player.  When the moment was right we practised a routine or two from our dancing classes: being careful of course not to burn the evening creations.  My regular customer had requested omlette and chips – so my moves took on a new dimension.  I don’t think I would have got a ‘Ten from Len’ as we strayed into the slow fox-trot!

Following our evening meal I suddenly realised that Maureen had been on the go all day.  This was the first time for ages that she hadn’t had a nap or two in the day.  I joined her in bed shortly after nine at the end of a good day all round.

Who knows what today will bring?  All we can strive for is more Good Vibrations.  

Well we are off to a good start this morning with Maureen down at 9 am, making a further cup of tea.  It’s bright but very cold outside.  Maureen is not keen on driving south to see relatives, so we will stay local today.

If the going is favourable I hope we are able to walk to the local shops.  I am pretty sure Maureen can remember the way by now, and it won’t be long before she has the confidence to make the trip alone.  This will be such progress after her circuitous walks around the local streets, and eventually finding her way back home.   Maureen continues to demonstrate that she still has the capacity to learn.  It just takes a little longer following stroke and patience is vital when your goal is neuroplasticity


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